It's so exciting to see Nomad online! I have lots of plans for the future, including a wall calendar as well as photographs and greeting cards with text in additional languages. Not to mention photographs from other areas of Israel.

I'm currently designing new Handcrafted Items in hopes of offering wedding, baby, and other gift baskets in the future.

I believe that this virtual gallery is only the first step in a much bigger picture. During the summer of 2006, the idea for a physical gallery housing "Art of the Ingathering" began to grow.

In this proposed gallery, my work as well as that of other artists would be displayed and sold in the Gallery Shop. The work of featured artists would be accompanied by a presentation of their personal story. I believe these stories need to be told.

Coming from every corner of the world, artisans in Israel bring with them the richness of the lands they have left behind and the paths they have traveled.

It is my hope that through this gallery, all who are interested will be able to better connect with and relate to Israel on a more intimate level through the lives of those who live in the Land.

Time will tell! Please keep checking back to follow Nomad's journey or sign up for our e-letter so I can keep you up to date on new developments and products.

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